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On the avenue des Champs-Elysées, a stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe, stands another monument of Parisian artistic and cultural life.

Nestled in the heart of the sumptuous Fouquet's Hôtel Barrière *****, Legacy Store and its selection of eclectic objects set the trend.

On April 14, 2022, we hosted our first community VIP event with an exclusive OneMizer solo show.

At the heart of this ultra-exclusive concept store, we bring together the most daring pieces of art, with our brand new technology: bridging the physical and digital world.


With SECR3T, physical artworks and NFTs are now indivisible. Our technology allows to link them in a click.

All data and funcionalities part of the SECR3T smart contracts are tamper-proof, allowing to be scanned at any time to acess a complete range of information.

- OpenSea link with access to metadatas
- The digital certificate with name registration
- The physical certificate delivered on demand
- All data recorded visible on our certification center
- SECR3T social media to interact with the community

The Shining Vandalized Lugia



From street graffiti to the most prestigious galleries, OneMizer is an artist who explores all worlds. The 22nd of December, he dropped his first NFT collection: The Shining Vandalized Lugia. This drop brought street art into NFTs, and your home. Each holder of the Lugia NFT can on the 3 of February claim an exclusive physical artwork (70x50).

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The 90's Vibes Collection

#DROP 2 - MARCH 2022

BACK TO THE '90s. Feel the nostalgia?

OneMizer's second NFT collection is the perfect way to relive the time. Like the first collection, each NFT comes with an exclusive print, edited by SECR3T and coming out from the same manufacturer as Chagal and Picasso, plus our brand new technology bridging the physical piece with the NFT directly into the metadata of the smart contract. This collection also includes an animated 3D version of the NFT.

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The Vandalized Ball

#DROP 3 - JULY 2022

The Vandalized Ball is the third NFT collection by world renowned street artist OneMizer. That one is a FREE MINT. Each NFT comes with an exclusive print if you are holder of collection 1 & 2, it's numbered and signed by the artist, and we use our new technology bridging the physical piece with the NFT.

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Current Artist

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Street Artist - France

Latest Show - Urban Art Fair Paris

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Guillermo Lorca García H.

Contemporany artist - Chili

Solo show - Moco Museum - Barcelone